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Landano comes to Mozambique

Landano comes to Mozambique

Late last week the Landano team learned that we were awarded another Cardano Project Catalyst funding grant, this time for a pilot project in Mozambique.

We have teamed up with Terra Firma which has been working hard over the past few years to help rural Mozambicans claim their community-declared land title documents in accordance with their country's unique constitutional rights. Terra Firma has already digitized 80,000 of these land title records, known as DUATs by their local Portuguese acronym. This introductory video we prepared for the Project Catalyst fund application does a great job explaining the current situation and opportunity in Mozambique.

Using the Fund 8 Project Catalyst grant, we will work with Terra Firma to import their land records into the Landano decentralized system. The records will be notarized as Cardano NFTs, the geospatial data will be made available on our Open Cadastral Map site, and the source documents will be packaged, archived and stored on web3 decentralized storage according to archives and record-keeping best practices and standards.

Landano will provide a convenient interface to this data and the related business processes. However, true to web3 principles, all Landano data is self-sovereign and will remain forever accessible to end-users whether they decide to continue to use the Landano interface and services or not. Of course, private data is encrypted and only accessible to the data owner and anyone else they decide to provide access to.

Terra Firma estimates that there are another 20 million rural Mozambican citizens that could declare their land rights using the same process. This will represent a huge on-ramp of users onto the Cardano blockchain. Once we are able to represent their land rights as NFTs we can use these documents to facilitate mortgage lending and other financial arrangements that includes Cardano DeFi opportunities.

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