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Liftoff for Landano!

Liftoff for Landano!

We were awarded a seed funding round by Cardano's Project Catalyst. Our project team has jumped into action to start delivering on the Landano roadmap over the coming months.

Our first couple of weeks have been focussed on project management and team organization, including the configuration of lots of accounts and tools. We have been preparing a ground team in Ghana to go out and meet potential users and we are incorporating a legal entity in the Netherlands as Landano B.V..

We want to help marginalized landowners arounds the world verify ownership of their real estate property. We are especially focussed on rural farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, starting with pilot projects in Ghana, Africa.

We are making the complex process of proving your land ownership more convenient and trustworthy. This can be a critical turning point in establishing financial stability. It forms the basis for financial credibility to acquire traditional mortgages and loans. Landano users will also access innovative new DeFi opportunities backed by their registered land records.

We are now ready to dive into our system requirements work this week, including our user stories and cadastral map specifications. We'll provide an update here on the blog shortly. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates right to your inbox.