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What does Landano do?

What does Landano do?

Landano allows property owners to create legally-binding title deeds for their land via an easy-to-use, decentralized app (DApp). The title deeds and supporting documents are notarized on the Cardano blockchain. A non-fungible token (NFT) is generated for each registered land title. Using a shared, auditable ledger like the Cardano blockchain improves transparency and prevents fraud by demonstrating that only one legitimate deed exists per registered property.

Landano users will only ever interact with a simple smartphone DApp that confirms their true identity and property ownership as verifiable claims using standardized decentralized identifiers.

There is significant smartphone ownership in the Global South and other marginalized communites where simpler, cheaper, reliable land registration is most urgently needed. This means a smartphone DApp is a viable entry point for the Landano solution.

Once someone is able to register title on the real estate property that they own, it opens the door to greater financial mobility, including bank account applications, credit scores, mortgage, and lines-of-credit. Better yet, Landano's infrastructure will make it possible to by-pass traditional, predatory financial institutions and get these services directly through decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

This makes Landano a true, real-world finance, or "RealFi" solution. It bridges the gap between real world evidentiary requirements and trustworthy online claims that no longer require trusted third parties and servers. This has been the missing link for other blockchain-based land registry initiatives.

What legitimizes Landano registrations?

Landano registrations are made legally-binding by professional contributors that file the mandatory documentation with the relevant land commission agencies and government registry offices. The Landano NFTs will also be synced with tokenized copies of official government cadastre maps.

All the records that Landano uses for for the land title registration and verification processes are preserved in a trustworthy, decentralized record-keeping system that meets international standard requirements for electronic evidence and digital preservation. This records management component leverages the innovative "proof-of-fact" design and software developed by the Orcfax project, an intiative funded via Cardano's Project Catalyst.

It is important to note that it's not Landano's intention to replace legacy registry systems where those are already functioning well. Our number one goal is to remove barriers into the legitimate financial world for marginalized people by making it easier and cheaper to access a legally-binding land registry system. Currently, this is not possible in many places around the world due to expensive, mismanaged, confusing, or corruptible land registration processes and systems.