About Us

Transforming Land Management, Property Rights and Documentation Technology

About Us

Revolutionizing Land Record Management with Landano

Landano is revolutionizing the way real estate property owners manage their land records with a user-friendly, decentralized app (dApp). Our platform offers a true “RealFi” solution for property owners and local governments that has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of our users and partners. Our local engagement sessions and government collaboration in Ghana, Mozambique, and Canada have given us unique insights into the challenges faced by property owners, land administrators, and real estate practitioners everywhere. We have used this to build a system that is universally capable of being tailored to the requirements of any jurisdictional environment.

Streamlined and Secure Land Record Management

At Landano, we understand that managing land records can be a daunting task, particularly in regions where record-keeping practices are not standardized. This is why we are implementing a notarization process that leverages the power of the Cardano blockchain to create NFT documents that are immutable and auditable. This technology ensures that your land records are secure, transparent, and tamper-proof, and it eliminates the risk of fraud or corruption that can arise when records are managed manually.

Internationally Standards-Compliant, Locally Valid and Vetted

Our core functionality is compliant with ISO 19152:2012, the international standard for property records. Additionally we have made sure that where we operate, our records are created and updated in a legally compatible method; and within a short interval, updated with the central government’s registry system.

Trusted Platform and Experienced Team

Landano is registered as a Delaware C-Corp, and we conduct all affairs worldwide on behalf of the Landano project. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are passionate about using technology to empower real estate owners in Africa. If you want to learn more about Landano, visit our team page or send us a message. We are always happy to talk about our mission to transform land management and property security.