Landano allows property owners to manage land records for their real estate property via an easy-to-use, decentralized app (dApp) and our Open Cadastral Map initiative.

Landano is a true, Africa-focused "RealFi" solution that is informed by on-the-ground requirements from pilot projects in Ghana, Mozambique, and Kenya.

Land records are notarized on the Cardano blockchain as NFT documents. Using a shared, auditable ledger like the Cardano blockchain improves transparency and prevents fraud. Combined with standards-based record-keeping features, Landano land records can be used as trustworthy DeFi primitives for mortgages, business loans, leases, etc..

Landano B.V. is a limited company registered in The Netherlands. It conducts all corporate affairs on behalf of the Landano project. See our team page.

Our FAQ section has more information about what Landano does.