Peter Van Garderen
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter is a professional archivist, software developer, and a world-renowned expert in the field of digital records management. He is the creator of the industry-leading Archivematica and AccessToMemory open-source software projects which are used by hundreds of government agencies and memory institutions worldwide to preserve access to trustworthy digital archives.

Peter worked on several international development projects early in his career and was inspired when the economist Hernando De Soto 's book "The Mystery of Capitalism" began to be debated in these circles. He has thought often about its core thesis since then; the idea that impoverished people remain so largely because they can't register the title on their legally-owned property. This documentation problem is tailor-made for an archives-based solution which Peter is highly qualified and keen to deliver via the Landano project.

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Dorus Van Der Kroft
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dorus is a full stack developer with over twenty years of industry experience delivering projects from start to finish for both start-ups and large enterprises. His broad set of technical skills spans from coding to technical design, to functional design and requirements analysis.

Dorus was based in Ghana for a year during his early years in software development. It was then when he saw first-hand the atrocities of a non-functional land registry system. He is looking forward to putting forward his knowledge and experience to bring prosperity to the unbanked.

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Aaron Moguin
Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Aaron is a land policy professional who has worked as an urban planner and designer, researcher, market analyst, land developer and surveyor in a variety of cultures and jurisdictions. In Abu Dhabi, he developed the first, values-based evaluation system for US$640b of land use change proposals for the second-fastest growing city in the world. In Canada, he led a boundary survey on traditional Heiltsuk First Nation land to resolve a dispute with a logging company.

As a land use regulator he has served the public from neighbourhood to national scale in three countries, on two continents. As an advisor and entrepreneur he has led or collaborated with multi-national teams to implement often groundbreaking development projects and policies. Aaron enjoys the challenge of juggling budget, schedule, environment, geography, and culture into ambitious and transformative deliverables like those being developed by the Landano project.

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Dan Amankona
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dan has been an entrepreneur in both North America and Africa. For many years he has served as a business bridge between Ghanaian expatriates and his home country where his father is a local chieftain. He plays an active role in the Ghanaian Canadian Association and the Yayra-Si Youth Foundation, which seeks to improve the economic and health outcomes for women and youth in rural Ghana.

Dan has worked closely with politicians and chiefs in Ghana, serving as a trusted advisor to achieve various economic development and community-building goals. His local business experience and wide network of contacts makes him the ideal management team member to conduct our market research and lead the country-wide implementation of Landano in Ghana and beyond.

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Shadrack Katuu: Advisor & Researcher

Shadrack has over two decades experience working internationally as a digital records management expert. This includes several agencies within the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations. Shadrack is based out of Nairobi, Kenya and is a much sought after consultant, conference speaker, and published author in the field of electronic record-keeping, in particular within the African context.

Shadrack is researching and providing guidance on the findings of Landano's initial Ghana-based pilot projects and comparing it to issues and opportunities for the Landano solution in the Kenyan context.

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Dr. Özhan Sağlık: Advisor & Researcher

Özhan is based at Istanbul University and is a member of the IT Law Commission of the Istanbul Bar Association. His research expertise is standards and requirements for the trustworthiness of electronic records, in particular as these relate to the principle of archival bond and how this may be applied to blockchain platforms.

Özhan is researching and providing guidance on the functional and quality requirements for the Landano platform to ensure it is compliant with the latest international standards and best practices for legal evidence and trustworthiness.

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Abdul Razak: Software Developer & Geospatial Engineer

Razak is a software developer, GIS analyst, cartographer, and geospatial engineer. He has over 10 years experience developing and implementing geospatial tools and pipelines for spatial analysis.

Razak is the founder and CTO of Nest Systems which provides software solutions and IT consultancy to various companies in Ghana. Razak has also created Weblearn Ghana, an open-source e-learning platform that enables educational institutions to deliver high quality online teaching services.

Razak holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatic Engineering from the University of Mines and Technology in Tarkwa, Ghana. He will be using his skills in GIS, land management use cases, software development, and end-user engagement to help deliver the Landano solution.

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Christian Koch: Systems Analyst & Researcher

Christian is an archival science graduate student at the University of British Columbia who is working on blockchain, record-keeping, and AI technology research. His professional experience includes the InterPares trustworthy AI research project, Peace Corps development projects in Zambia, and web archiving for the Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online initiative.

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Nana Safo: Ghana Community Ambassador

Nana is the University Ambassador for Wada and the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) in Accra, Ghana. Amongst his responsibilities are delivering workshops to explain Cardano blockchain technology to newcomers. His presentations are grounded in a deep knowledge of Ghanian history and culture for which he is an eloquent advocate.

Nana has witnessed first-hand the tragic and sometimes violent effects of expensive, mismanaged, and corruptible land registry processes in Ghana. He is optimistic that Landano provides a significant step towards a more equitable and accessible alternative.

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