Project Catalyst is an innovative part of the Cardano blockchain, functioning as a community-driven fund and a platform for decentralized innovation. It allows ADA holders to propose, discuss, and vote on various projects aimed at improving and expanding the Cardano ecosystem. This democratic approach to governance and funding enables the Cardano community to directly influence the network’s development. By participating in Project Catalyst, stakeholders can support initiatives that align with their vision for the blockchain, fostering a more vibrant and collaborative environment for growth and advancement within the Cardano ecosystem.


Landano’s Project Catalyst Fund 11 proposals feature innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the Cardano ecosystem while simultaneously solving real-world problems. It includes the development of a Cardano Mendix plug-in to create off-chain development tools, thereby making Cardano more accessible to developers and promoting enterprise involvement. Another key proposal is to establish guidelines for decentralized identity solutions in Cardano, tailored to the requirements of RealFi projects like Landano. Additionally, we’re focused on launching our Landano app, aimed at providing safe and secure digitized land records which will be stored on the Cardano Mainnet, drawing from our successful pilot projects in Ghana and Mozambique. These initiatives collectively aim to expand Cardano accesibility to more people in more places, who want to solve real problems using Cardano’s unique advantages of utility.

Cardano Mendix plug-in by the Landano team

Category: Cardano Open: Developers
Cardano’s ecosystem needs easy-to-use off-chain dev tools to attract enterprise participation. Mendix’s low-code platform is an ideal fit but there are currently no Mendix plugins or SDKs for Cardano. Funding this proposal will result in wider access for developers to Cardano, and more real-world use cases taking advantage of Cardano’s utility.

Mapping RealFi DID requirements to Cardano-based solutions

Category: Cardano Use Cases: Concept
RealFi projects like Landano need decentralized solutions for identity and credentials which can be used by users globally. However, system requirements and available solutions aren’t yet understood. This proposal’s outcome will be a set of guidelines, protocols, and best practices for implementing a consistent, secure, transferable decentralized identity solution within the Cardano ecosystem (and, conceivably, on other blockchains).

Launching Landano on Cardano Mainnet

Category: Cardano Use Cases: Solution
Landano’s pilots, market analysis and customer feedback in Ghana and Mozambique resulted in a prototype demonstrating legal land rights management via Cardano NFT minting. To continue this progress, if funded, this proposal will develop this into a viably functional land-record storage and administration product to launch on Cardano Mainnet.


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